Infinity Frequencies: Into the Light tape (Dream Catalogue™, 2015)

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Infinity Frequencies: Into The Light tape

Infinity Frequencies: Into The Light tape

Vaporwave, I have to admit, is a genre that I don’t always get and honestly think there’s far too much of out there. Way too much of it just seems lazy and derivative and cheesy and like not a whole lot of effort was put into it. I’m sure a bunch of nerds will argue that that’s all exactly the point, in which case I would just rather listen to something real. Not all vaporwave (or whatever nebulous internet non-genre gets used to describe stuff like this) comes off this way to me though, some of it seems like it’s doing something different. Japanese producer Infinity Frequencies has released some recordings that have caught my attention. I feel like this artist is maybe a little closer to something like The Caretaker, but only slightly. There’s still plenty of slowed down elevator music type samples, and it’s all covered in VHS hiss, but it seems to have a little bit more of an ethereal sheen to it. Actually, as I listen to it more, it doesn’t really sound all that different from most vaporwave. I just happen to enjoy it more for some reason.


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