France Jobin & Fabio Perletta: Mirror Neurons (Dragon’s Eye, 2015)

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France Jobin & Fabio Perletta: Mirror Neurons

France Jobin & Fabio Perletta: Mirror Neurons

I recently reviewed a Fabio Perletta album which was absolutely lovely, the type of hypnotic glitchy ambient that always immediately captures my attention and makes me happy. This album is a bit different than that. It’s a bit closer to the realm of “lowercase listening”. The first track, “Parallel”, needs to be turned up way loud before you can hear anything, and even then it’s just a faint drone which slightly blossoms a bit more during the second half of its 14 minute duration. “Reflection” is a little more immediate (not really the right word), starting out with a luminescent drone and then easing in some sneaky bass. Again, it helps if you turn this one all the way up, it’s hard to notice the subtleties if it’s too quiet. For a while it has a sharp yet not too piercing sine wave tone, then it fades into lovely organ drone, before introducing more tones that will drive your dog crazy. “Mimesis” has similar ringing tones, but they shift and glitch a bit, before landing at a more drifting (and slightly barren, desolate) passage. Eventually it develops and gets richer and deeper, before the ringing sine waves take over. I’m not sure if this release counts as “deep listening” or “lowercase listening” or maybe a combination or maybe neither of those actually exist and it’s whatever you make of it. Regardless, it is an immersive experience.


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