Cylob: Inflatable Hope 12″ EP (Power Vacuum, 2015)

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Cylob: Inflatable Hope 12" EP

Cylob: Inflatable Hope 12″ EP

Rephlex is apparently defunct now, but IDM’s hardcore elite will never go away. Cylob’s been releasing music on his own label since 2007 anyway, and this his second release for Power Vacuum. As one might expect, it’s full of squirming, elastic synth sounds and jittery beats. Some of it sounds like LFO wired on a bit too much caffeine, other times it’s splattery electro. “Rosetta” is the EP’s “pretty” track, and even that seems to hyperventilate with the beats getting more skittery as the track progresses. The track title “Pulp the Bass” tells you what you’re in for, as it seems to squeeze as much digital juice out of the spasmodic bass sounds as possible. These are grotesque, bizarre creations that are simply too weird and mutated to work on any sane dance floor, and that’s exactly why they’re prime IDM.

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