/f: pq:c (self-released, 2015)

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/f: pq:c

/f: pq:c

A sequel to one of last year’s best albums (with easily one of the best album covers of all time), this is the third (as far as I know) installment of the circuit-fried glitch project of the artist otherwise known as Susan Balmar. This one’s on a different Bandcamp than the previous two, the comprehensibility-is-far-beside-the-point Psalmus Diuersae. The label has a penchant for removing material or changing track or release or artist titles without warning (the second /f album seemed to only be up for a few days before disappearing), and of course there’s no way to tell who’s actually creating any of these sounds. Most of the sounds are fascinating, though, going beyond the usual eccojam-muzak cliches of vaporwave into something that sounds more futuristic and, well, not just like taking smooth jazz and slowing it down without altering it much. /pq:c covers a nice range from MIDI lullabys to scrambling glitch collages to Schematic-y IDM to slivers of E2-E4-like melodies. I continue to be totally in awe of this project, I think whoever this artist is, they’re one of the best ones doing crazy glitch stuff right now. Available on Bandcamp.

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