Pas Musique: Inside the Spectrum (Alrealon Musique, 2015)

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Pas Musique: Inside the Spectrum

Pas Musique: Inside the Spectrum

Pas Musique follow up their excellent 2013 album Abandoned Bird Egg with another spacey, trippy journey into subconsciousness. This one is more focused on space travel and extraterrestrials, with tracks like “Listening to Interstellar Space” featuring vintage samples from old instructional films about space. The tracks are framed by trancey electronic rhythms, but the beats are just a starting point, rather than the focal point of the tracks. “The Soul Catcher” has deep bass and light acid synths, but they’re more incidental than the grounding elements of the song. Other tracks have ethereal vocals, grinding guitars, and astral synth trails. “Cerebral Vacuum” has an offbeat, thudding percussion loop and clusters of electronic sound loosely joined together. Hard to really put into words, but it’s fascinating. Can’t wait to see this group at Mental Spaghetti Fest in Detroit next month.

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