Gurun Gurun: Kon B + Atarashii Hi EP (Home Normal, 2015)

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Gurun Gurun: Kon B

Gurun Gurun: Kon B

This is the second album by this Czech group who combines acoustic instrumentation and electronic processing for an overwhelming mass of tightly composed, multi-elemental sound. There’s glitchy electronic parts as well as masses of strings and percussion and seemingly every other instrument imaginable. These are dense sound constructions, but vocals by Cokiyu and Cuushe help to shape them into songs. They definitely help put a gentle, human face on these monstrous aural sculptures.

Gurun Gurun: Atarashii Hi EP

Gurun Gurun: Atarashii Hi EP

As with their first album, this one has an accompanying remix EP, which takes their conundrum-like compositions and makes more sense out of them. Marihiko Hara’s mix of “Mado” focuses on a string part and loops it into a rhythmic cue (not really a “hook”) along with gentle beats. Pawn’s remix of the EP’s title track seems the most excited and active, with animated pulses and blips along with diced vocals and spare, measured beats. Nanonum’s mix of the same track seems to be more scattered and swarming, taking the original and kind of flattening it out digitally. The last track on the EP seems to be the entire Kon B album rewound really fast.

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