BOAN: Mentiras LP (HoloDeck, 2015)

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BOAN: Mentiras LP

BOAN: Mentiras LP

BOAN (pronounced “bone”) is a new project of José Cota (SSLEEPERHOLD) and Mariana Saldaña (ex-//TENSE//), both of whom were also in Medio Mutante together. I’m only familiar with SSLEEPERHOLD solo out of all of those names, but this is definitely way brighter and poppier than the dark, lo-fi electro of his solo stuff. The vocals here seem to be spoken in a monotone rather than properly sung, but they’re still more structured as proper songs than the more poetic monologues of labelmate Marie Davidson. The songs here are pretty repetitive, and the vocals are pretty minimal and repeat the songs’ titles a lot, but the songs are just so inventive and energetic that you don’t mind endlessly repeating the words along with them. “BOAN Acid” is like their attempt at an EDM club anthem, but from a lo-fi analog perspective. Actually it sounds like late ’80s Belgian new beat more than anything else, especially with the S&M connotations to the lyrics (“I am your master”) and demands to “jack your body to the beat”. Tracks like “Freaksnake” and “Mentiras” almost resemble a less-polished minimal wave counterpart to Purity Ring, and that this group should be touring with them and winning over their audience.

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