Coppice: Cores/Eruct (Category Of Manifestation, 2015)

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Coppice: Cores/Eruct

Coppice: Cores/Eruct

Something is dreadfully wrong with these machines. It’s like they’re intentionally malfunctioning; wheezing, sputtering, blanking out, doing everything but what they’re supposed to. It’s hard to be productive if these robots simply aren’t doing their jobs. The room is filled with gray dustclouds and a musty odor and it’s going to take a lot of backbreaking labor to get everything back in working order again. How did I get myself into this mess anyway?!?!


This album’s credits list a lot of prepared and modified instruments and objects, but sometimes they just sound, well, broken. Plenty of buzzing and swooping (rhythmic swooping, somewhat) and just generally lots of mechanical drone. The highlight is 13-minute centerpiece “While Like Teem Or Bloom Comes (Tipping)”, which processed and loops the sound of a pump organ into some loud acoustic drone vortex. Very difficult and possibly patience-testing, but they make it sound like it’s intentional, like these objects were created to make these sounds. It’s great. Now excuse me, I think I need to fix my radiator again. [I don’t actually have a radiator]

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