Kodak To Graph: ISA (Family Artists, 2015)

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Kodak To Graph: ISA

Kodak To Graph: ISA

First album from a Florida-based producer who toured with Slow Magic last year and will be headlining a show at the Blind Pig this Friday (4/10). You can draw parallels to “trap” or “chillwave” with this guy’s music, especially with some of the percussion sounds or vocal manipulations, but this album seems to go for more of a widescreen cinematic feel. “Belong” has horns and just keeps building and getting more epic. “Floating” feels soft, lush, and pastoral, but it still has hard-hitting bass. “Los Angeles” is alternately one of the most uptempo, dancey tracks on the album (at least for a few moments in the beginning), as well as one of the most hip-hop-influenced, with deft scratching and half-time beats. “Fake Murblock” come closest to a big-drop dubstep type of track, but not in an obnoxious way (actually it reminds me of Girl Unit’s “Wut” more than anything else, and that’s not a bad thing at all). “Nylon Courtyard” is like a trap song lost in the rainforest, and ends with tribal-sounding vocal samples, disco guitar and 4/4 beats. “IAMANTHEM” is another more explicitly hip-hop-influenced track, complete with Lil Wayne sample. The final few tracks are more mellow and ambient, and have less of an emphasis on hip-hop and more on atmospheric loveliness.


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