Suburbo: Sueño Ligero (self-released, 2015)

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Suburbo: Sueño Ligero

Suburbo: Sueño Ligero

Local group founded by a coworker of mine. Mostly instrumental, sample-happy electronic rock music. Opener “Light Sleeper” is a short surf-rock song, and “A.M. Independence” is a quiet atmospheric track with a cutup voice that sounds somewhere in between Sun City Girls and The Weatherman from Negativland. “Sexual Toad” is a swingin’ breakbeat-driven track that sort of resembles Land Of The Loops but with a more fleshed out guitar-based sound, and possibly some porn samples thrown in (nothing too explicit though). “La Femme d’Quagmire” is a more heavily layered soundtrackscape, with strangely distorted vocals, and a complete shift in the middle, with bizarre stadium crowd noises and CB radio speech, before a more calm, dreamy groove wanders in, covered in many layers of weird voices. “Mighty White” is sort of a warped country tune, with vocals that end up reversing by the end of the song. “Everyone Knows What We Bring” is a trippy sample collage, starting out with laidback drums and a confusing mass of drunk-sounding vocals, before giving way to cinematic dialogue about fighting Hitler in WWII, along with strings and gunshots. Then there’s a Negativland-like cutup sample talking about extortion and drugs, and some more vocals like in the beginning of the track. “Mogul” brings numbers station recordings into the mix, with another dense musical collage of shifting voices and rhythms. “Sueño Ligero” is another surf-leaning song with buzzing organ and backwards guitars, and movie samples. “All My Life” is a sentimental love ballad closing out the album, playing it mostly straightforward, except for some backwards effects on the guitars. Free download from Bandcamp.


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