Scissor Now!: Shear Immediacy! (Arbco Records, 2014)

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Scissor Now!: Shear Immediacy!

Scissor Now!: Shear Immediacy!

New EP from one of Ann Arbor’s best current bands, and a preview of their second LP (and first with Jef Porkins on bass). The first LP featured their original lineup, with Laura Leonard on bass, and this EP has re-recordings of two of the songs from that album (“Pee On My Butt” and “Corporate Deodorant”). Of the two newer songs, “Camelbak” is the better one, with a nice easygoing rhythm, and fast lyrics about moving to Portland even though everyone who does so moves back anyway. The new songs seem less spazzy/no-wavey than their older songs (not to mention they’re over 2 minutes), which is not to say that they sound altogether straightforward. The EP ends with their cover of “Billie Jean”, which was the highlight of their 2013 Halloween show as Michael Jackson. It definitely gets the Scissor Now! treatment, playing with time signatures and intensity levels, mostly keeping to a danceable uptempo, but slowing down for the “think twice” part, matching the way the band slows down for the same lyric in their song “Bail Out”. Hope the album comes soon, but in the meantime, you can check this EP out on Bandcamp.

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