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Ryan Huber: Four Pic

Ryan Huber: Four Pic

Inam Records can be hard to keep up with, currently numbering at 150 releases, almost all of which are extremely limited CD-r releases. There’s a few Bandcamp pages collecting some of the releases (try Ryan Huber and Olekranon for starters) but I think there’s other releases that aren’t online anymore. The label’s sound has ranged from post-rock to Godflesh/Scorn-like industrial to black metal-influenced noise to dark ambient. These newest Huber releases tend to be droning rhythmic noise with organ and occasional forays into techno-ish beats. Last year an extremely limited lathe-cut 7″ single called “Four Pi” was released. “Cassara” is noisy drone with pulsating organ. “Four Pi” isn’t as noisy and has a beat thumping in the background. Both are excellent. The release is available on Bandcamp as a full 7-track EP. “Quirin” drones for almost 10 minutes of dark cinematic doom, and “Sultan” stops to observe some harsh textures. “Lewisite” starts off with such a bizarre, oblong crunching rhythmic machine pattern, but then it gets quieter and builds up another buzzing rhythmic pattern. “Hamdan” has more bizarre choked rhythms and organ swells. “Process” is a more calm piece, but there’s still some rustling feedback noise in the background and a stumbling beat towards the end.

Ryan Huber: Empress

Ryan Huber: Empress

Empress takes a longer, more minimal approach, with the title track clocking in at 23 minutes and “Hamdai” at almost 13. “Empress” takes over 10 minutes building up a vibrating static loop, then switches to something quieter and builds up more sounds, eventually landing at a soft rhythm and flickering sounds similar to the earlier half. “Hamdai” isn’t as rhythmic, focusing on dark, dusty organ drone for its duration, but with strange sounds emanating underneath that add variation.

Ryan Huber: Akharon

Ryan Huber: Akharon

Akharon (not on Bandcamp, yet) is the newest one. This one has 4 tracks, mostly over the 10 minute mark, and mostly contain buzzy rhythmic noise drone. “Akharon” takes a long time to build into something rhythmic, with some very subtle elements being worked in and out, and the main sound phasing after around 8 minutes, until some other ones take over. “Countenance” is much calmer, with organ drone and softly bumping beats. Halfway through, some distorted guitar comes in for a bit, then fades away, and then a distorted loop comes in and it gets really intense and jawdropping for the last couple minutes. “Jesuits” is a much more rhythmic, flickering, techno-influenced track, although the upfront beat fades out after 5 minutes and it takes a bit for another flickering pulse to emerge. “Artifice” is a shorter dark noisy drone track with a very sudden-death ending. All are amazing, of course.

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