Graham Repulski: Maple Stag tape (self-released, 2014)

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Graham Repulski: Maple Stag tape

Graham Repulski: Maple Stag tape

Newest tape from prolific lo-fi songwriter Graham Repulski, who used to be in a fantastic band called Von Hayes. I’m biased because I know the guy (we saw the Flaming Lips together 13 years ago) but I think he’s far and away one of the best people doing lo-fi indie-pop stuff these days. Basically, he sounds exactly like classic-era Guided By Voices, but with a bit more experimentation and weirdness. There’s spontaneous backwards effects, and maybe a Casio or some cheap drum machine. No song length is too short (5 of these 11 songs are under a minute), and there’s never too much distortion or tape hiss. More importantly, there’s amazing songs on here, such as the blistering noise-pop anthem “Rubes”, and fast riffy stomper “Cartoon Meltdown” (which ends with a long backwards guitar section). The longest track is called “Ponderous Little Number”, and it’s the least poppy track here, 3 minutes of tape hiss noise and occasional guitar notes ending with the words “I’m floating away”. “Funeral Games” has the most full-band crunch of any of these songs. “Flux Rebate” ends the tape with nearly 2 minutes of radio static. The tape is available on his Bandcamp page, along with tons of older albums, many of which are available as free downloads.

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