Deutsche Wertarbeit: s/t (Sky, 1981/reissued Bureau B, 2014)

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Deutsche Wertarbeit: s/t

Deutsche Wertarbeit: s/t

Bureau B seems to be on a quest to reissue every obscure Krautrock record ever recorded, and if I had the money I’d buy all of them. This album was one I immediately knew I had to own once I heard the preview clips. It had actually been reissued a few years ago by Medical Records, but both pressings of that reissue are long gone, so now Bureau B is reissuing it with the original artwork. This project was a solo effort of Dorothea Raukes of German band Streetmark, who I’ve never heard of, but this is a fantastic album of cosmic new wave which covers a lot of ground in its 6 tracks. There’s catchy arpeggio-heavy tracks with drum machines and vocoders and rich synth melodies (with vocoder anthem “Auf Engelsflügeln” being a highlight), but then there’s extended space odysseys which tread closer to vision-seeking Tangerine Dream territory (most notably 10-minute closer “Der Grosse Atem”). Hopefully the Streetmark catalog will be reissued, but this is worth investigating, if you missed it when Medical reissued it, which I did.

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