Michna: Thousand Thursday (Ghostly International, 2015)

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Michna: Thousand Thursday

Michna: Thousand Thursday

Second full-length from Adrian Michna of Secret Frequency Crew. Like labelmate Shigeto, Michna produces danceable music with downtempo/hip-hop influences. This one seems a little more dancey than previous releases, with the first 3 tracks sounding like they could be on a DFA release, with percolating disco rhythms and rough-but-shiny synths. “Solid Gold” features MNDR and is a shot at a straightforward dance-pop song. “Nuroq Legacy” is a dancey track but it lapses into a downtempo/hip-hop breakdown. “Time Will Tell” isn’t quite so dancey and has bitcrushed drums and playful melodies, and I like it better than the dancier tracks. “Jace the Mind Sculptor” is a simmering interlude with crashing wave sounds and some mysterious voices chanting in the background. “Increasing Ambition” has more percolating dance beats and new wave synths. “Believe In It Pt. II” shifts to midtempo, with more big chunky breakbeats and simple synth melodies, but it settles into another dance groove, has more subliminal voices embedded, switches up a couple times, and really is not as simple as it might seem at first. “She Exists In My Mind” has choppy hip-hop breakbeats and rapidly flickering bass synth notes, with increasingly detailed production (Michna certainly has a knack for drum fills and stuffing up the tracks with voices and other sounds). “Skyway T/A” bumps the tempo up a bit with more busy drumwork and emotive melodies, ending with a voice mail message from a downstairs neighbor worrying that the ceiling is going to cave in. “Death Pits of Rath” ends the album with more thundering breakbeats, almost approaching Meat Beat Manifesto territory.


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