Ricked Wicky: I Sell The Circus (GBV Inc, 2015)

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Ricked Wicky: I Sell The Circus

Ricked Wicky: I Sell The Circus

Guided By Voices broke up yet again, so Bob Pollard has decided to revive one of the fake band names from one of the Suitcase box sets and use it as a band name for real. For all intents and purposes, this is another GBV/Pollard album, nothing that sounds out of the ordinary from him. All tracks are around 2 or 3 minutes, and seem to have the usual sort of riffs and odd lyrics, and occasionally some hooky melodies. There’s a tiny bit of a prog rock influence here, but not really much more so than most of his work. I think if this were Yes or somebody, they would’ve combined these songs into sidelong suites, but Bob just leaves them as standalone 2 minute chunks. As far as songs that stand out for being different, “Cow Headed Moon” is a trudgy ballad with Mellotron, “Even Today and Tomorrow” is a shorter more acoustic number, “The Intellectual Types” is a really strange anthemic arena-rocker (with synth and unusually gruff vocals), and “Uranus Flies” repeats the title ad nauseum so that the joke (if it’s even supposed to be a joke) gets worn completely thin. The album actually gets a bit more excitable in its second half: “The Important Girl” is a pretty nice short perky track with organ, and the next couple songs are pretty decent. “Tomorrow” is an acoustic guitar instrumental (?!?!). “Miles of Concentration” starts out sounding very much like “Motor Away”, with a driving rhythm, but more of a flattened guitar line and not quite as high-soaring vocals. Yet another decent album to tide us over until he puts out another album next month or two.

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