Bonny Doon: 7″ EP (Salinas Records, 2015)

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Bonny Doon: 7" EP

Bonny Doon: 7″ EP

First 7″ from a Detroit band who’s been gigging around steadily for the past year or so. I saw them with Failed Flowers and Weyes Blood at the UFO Factory recently, and they’ll be playing there again in March with TOPS and Rebel Kind and Coyote Clean Up. Fred Thomas recorded this 7″ along with the band, and it’s been up as a free download on their Bandcamp for a few months, and now it’s on vinyl courtesy of Detroit’s Salinas Records, who I’m not familiar with, but the insert that comes with this 7″ shows that they have a pretty sizeable catalog already. Looking up info about this band, their sound is described as “mom rock” (?!), and it seems kind of laidback and somewhat country-ish, but still clearly with an indie slacker thing going on. Opener “Blood In The Bathtub” vaguely starts like “Where Is My Mind”, but is more of a sad “don’t leave” song, but not as depressing as its title makes it sound. “Lost My Way” is way more uptempo and fun, coming close to local bands like Deadbeat Beat or labelmates Radiator Hospital, and is definitely the track to start with on this record. “Lucy’s” is another laidback country-ish song with sliding guitar and lyrics about bars and pot brownies and general confusion. “I See You” is a more reflective acoustic ballad, with more upfront vocals, and with more of a worn-in country-rock sound.

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