Piper Spray And Benzaldehyde Monster: s/t tape (Singapore Sling Tapes, 2014)

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Piper Spray And Benzaldeyhe Monster: s/t tape

Piper Spray And Benzaldeyhe Monster: s/t tape

I ordered this and Ballerine Nadiya (my favorite tape of last year) several months ago, and eventually the links to purchase these tapes disappeared from their respective Bandcamp pages, so I figured the MP3s were all I was going to get. Fortunately, they finally showed up this past week. The label’s based in Russia so they just took that long to get here. They were entirely worth the wait, of course, I fell in love with Ballerine all over again, and this tape seems to take on a different dimension now that I’m listening to it in its intended form. Even more sprawling and uncategorizable than the previous Piper Spray tape I have, Epigraph To The Bright Star Catalogue, this is just a bizarre beast which seems to mutate and change course every few seconds. The Bandcamp page divides the album into 20 tracks, most of which have slashes in the titles, suggesting multiple movements. On top of that, the cassette version has an extra 20 minutes of bonus material. It’s extremely hard to tell where tracks end and begin if you’re not listening to the digital version, so it’s best to just tune that all out and listen to it one uninterrupted 30-minute side at a time. The music’s just as trippy, colorful and hard-to-tell-what’s-going-on as the artwork, it’s just one cartoon hallucination of melting synth melodies and sloppy lo-fi beats after another. It doesn’t have quite as much of a Saturday morning TV theme feel as the previous tape, this one seems a little more scattered and VHS-distorted, but there’s plenty of reflective synth melodies which hold the tape together and seem to keep it from sounding completely random and nonsensical. There’s nothing else to really say about it without being overanalytical and giving too much away, you just have to press play and be surprised and amazed.

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