Aphex Twin: Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (EP) (Warp, 2014)

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Aphex Twin: Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (EP)

Aphex Twin: Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 (EP)

Strange little EP (most of the tracks are just fragments, it’s definitely an EP even though there’s 13 tracks) of prepared piano experiments from RDJ. The beats are unexpectedly funky, sometimes sounding like DC go-go. However, many of the tracks are well under a minute and just seem like samples that weren’t integrated into a track yet, or ideas that just haven’t been fleshed out yet. The longer tracks are obviously the ones that come closest to sounding like fully realized tracks, but even then they’re pretty skeletal. “snar2” is just a snare drum roll, and “piano un1 arpej” and “disk aud1_12” sound like player piano experiments. “0035 1-Audio” and “diskhat2” are incredibly funky beats that play for half a minute and then abruptly disappear. “DISKPREPT1” is pretty much all prepared piano, and his children’s voices are audible in the background. “piano un10 it happened” is a pretty piano piece, which have been the highlights of his last 2 albums as Aphex Twin, and it just makes me wish he’d do an entire album of stuff like this. It certainly sounds like this could be acoustic drums and pianos played by robots, but who can really tell. It’s definitely not as virtuosic as Squarepusher’s recent robot experiments, but if nothing else it’s the funkiest prepared piano music ever made.


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