Aaron Dilloway: The Beauty Bath LP (Hanson Records, 2014)

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Aaron Dilloway: The Beauty Bath LP

Aaron Dilloway: The Beauty Bath LP

Aaron Dilloway’s most recent solo LP was actually released in 2013 by a Japanese label called Rockatansky Records, but this 2014 picture disc version on Hanson contains about 50% different/reworked material, ostensibly making it the definitive version of the album. It goes along with the noise loop compositions he’s been known for, but it also spends plenty of time exploring silence and blank space, often building up loops/washes of noise only to drop them out and only have a few spare tones make sound for a few moments. The album’s second track is a long wash of white noise with a few bass tones uncomfortably poking out. It seems like some sort of bath, but I’m not sure how good it’ll do at beautifying. The 3rd track has an abstract, clunking rhythm that will sound familiar to fans of his Modern Jester album, but also some melancholy whistling and a light, mellow synth drone. Side B starts with a series of thick, discordant tones which get faster and angrier, until it’s just a shuddering, vibrating mess of sound. It eventually reaches a whistling pitch which makes it sound like a boiling tea kettle screaming at you. Then the final part of the album is another minimal, nearly quiet passage with a surprisingly melancholy melody (if it can be called that). This is eventually joined by a rhythmic loop which sounds like a small object sweeping and falling off some sort of surface. It all ends with some cricket-like chirping as the lonely calls out into the night.


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