Nausea Valley: Blood On The Spaceship (Toothless Eyeball Records, 2014)

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Nausea Valley: Blood On The Spaceship

Nausea Valley: Blood On The Spaceship

Ypsilanti folksinger/puppeteer Patrick Elkins’ latest project finds him in outer space, with help from Craig Johnson (Laserbeams of Boredom), Chelsea Jordan, and MC Trashpedal. Johnson’s drums and synths aren’t as manic as his usual solo work, but they add a spacey aura that isn’t always present with Elkins’ work. There is a lot of spacey echo on these tracks, which is nice. Chelsea Jordan generally sings the same lyrics/melodies as Elkins, as they do on the album they did together a couple years ago, but “Temple Without A Dome” (which features human beatboxing from Johnson) has them duetting both seperately and together. Easily my favorite song on the album is also the shortest by far, “Your Glow”, a spacey surf-pop number which comically ends after 37 seconds. “Lately I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving And Never Coming Back” is a solid E6-ish psych-pop song, whose lyrics (as the title suggests) seem like a mouthful, but they make sense and they sound cute and funny and wondrous and it’s a really good song. The last few songs are where the album gets really spacey, doing away with drums and drifting into some weird electro-acoustic zones, with the vocals and guitars of “Signal From The Shore” seeming to mutate and disintegrate, and the double tracked vocals on “Of Nebulous Origins” echoing into the void. So far there isn’t much info online about this project or album, but there is a Bandcamp with one song from the album, so that’s a start.


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