Steve Daubenspeck: Black Dog Duppy (SMD Recordings, 2014)

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Steve Daubenspeck: Black Dog Duppy

Steve Daubenspeck: Black Dog Duppy

Unexpected dub-inspired album from a former member of Granfaloon Bus. Opener “New Year Dub” is straight-up instrumental dub, with melodica and trippy fx. He sings on most of the other songs, and he has a high, reedy, almost Jad Fair-esque voice. “Departure” is where the reggae influence comes to the forefront in the songwriting, with horns and lyrics about “moving out of Babylon”. “Dubtonic” has a basic drum machine beat and some patois (“nah go break I”) and lots more trippy fx. “Latin Ripoff” has some sax and hand drums and reminds me slightly of early Ween in some ways. “Drone Of Druid” isn’t dubby at all, but more droney and spacey, with some distant spoken/whispered vocals, some piano, horns. Maybe more of a tension-building soundtrack feel. “Rocker’s Delight” is a feelgood uplifting song with non-reggae electric guitars and some additional vocals joining in on the chorus. “Beat 82 Dub” is a long dub instrumental. Best of all is closer “We’re Gonna Make It”, which is pretty different from the rest of the album, more of an early ’80s minimal-synth sound, with drum machines, cold synths and bass guitar. RIYL: Brenda Ray/Naffi Sandwich.

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