The American Jobs: Carne Levare LP (Savage Quality, 2014)

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The American Jobs: Carne Levare LP

The American Jobs: Carne Levare LP

Dark post-punk goth-rock, which sets itself apart by having more prominent saxophone than guitars. The songs are usually set at a midtempo slither, with echoing keyboards and percussion (it doesn’t usually sound like a full drum set), and deep vocals which sometimes have an oddly Axl Rose-like quality to them (as in when Axl isn’t singing in a high-pitched voice). The songs tend to bleed into each other, so the drum machine sway of “Black Tar” comes as a little bit of a surprise when it first starts, and then the drumless birdsong chant of “Grace” comes as more of a surprise. “King Of The Lake” features more prominent guitar than anything on the album so far, along with more damp drum machine beats and everpresent moonlight sax. “Lightning Arcs” and “Two Or One” are 2 shorter, drumless songs that lead into each other and kind of feel like one piece. The album’s sound takes a bit of getting used to, it definitely isn’t the type of guitar-heavy brooding death-rock you might expect at first, and the sax definitely throws you for a loop.

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