Loscil: Sea Island (Kranky, 2014)

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Loscil: Sea Island

Loscil: Sea Island

Minimalist ambient dub techno from the drummer for Destroyer. While still minimal, this has a fuller sound than some of his previous works; there’s plenty of panning and miniscule detailed production techniques. There’s also use of vibraphone and Rhodes, and even some vocals (as on “Bleeding Ink”). Eerie minimal reverberations and ocean-wide bass vibrations. “Sea Island Murders” has slow backwards rushes, and slow bass pulses and pianos towards the end. “Iona” goes through 4 minutes of shimmering and drifting until a melodic pulse takes over for the second half of the track. “Catalina 1943” starts slowest and most minimal, but eventually shines with subtle pulses and distortion. “Sturgeon Bank” has another soft, minimalist melody and softly ticking beats. “En Masse” has more upfront pianos atop softly pulsating bass, and kind of granulated textures if you dig a bit deeper and listen to the sounds underneath. “Angle Of List” ends the album with its most straightforward ambient drone. The whole album is relaxing and simple on the surface, but there’s actually quite a bit buried deep if you pay attention to it.

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