Secret Pyramid: The Silent March LP (Nice Up International, 2011/reissued Students Of Decay, 2014)

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Secret Pyramid: The Silent March LP

Secret Pyramid: The Silent March LP

Following last year’s Movements Of Night LP (one of my favorite releases of the year), Students Of Decay is now reissuing the project’s 2011 tape The Silent March on vinyl, as well as releasing both as a 2-for-1 CD. Compared to the more drifting, icy Movements Of Night, The Silent March seems to be more overtly guitar-based, coming close to ’90s space-rock (pick any favorite Kranky or VHF band) and Popol Vuh soundtracks, with softly flowing waves of sad guitar drones. “Still Return” in particular shreds with noisy guitar and soft vocals. “Her Spirits” strips back to spare, slow guitar strumming and whispered vocals, until the scorched distorted guitar comes in after a minute and a half, followed by tambura drone and chimes. “Eternal” is another lost, wandering drone with guitar and chimes that builds over 8 minutes, getting increasingly intense during its second half. The two “Silent March” interludes briefly call out from the gray fog.

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