Flug 8: Trans Atlantik (Disko B, 2014)

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Flug 8: Trans Atlantik

Flug 8: Trans Atlantik

Newest album from musician/photographer Daniel Herrmann, whose Flug 8 project explores minimal electro-pop and Krautrock-inspired techno. Several tracks feature Herrmann’s monotone, minimal-wave-inspired vocals, but the beats are steady enough to fill a tech-house dancefloor. “Trans Atlantik” and “Musik Aus Metall” show the most blatant Kraftwerk influence, although the latter features metal sounds by N.U. Unruh of Einsturzende Neubauten, and there’s a few other kling-klanging moments on the album as well, such as “Hohenkammer”. The album detours for some more downtempo moments a few times, with “Watch Me Grown” and “On A Spear” featuring Bjorkian vocals from Mono Girl. “Android” turns the arpeggiator up and the tempo down closer to actual Trans Europe Express speed. “Ostsee” is even slower, more shimmering, and lyrical. “Zukunft” is the album’s longest tunnel-trance moment, at nearly 10 minutes. “Maler” provides the album with one last fluttering, twinkling midtempo blissout, before the shakey, sputtery “Zeckenwalzer” ends the album on a somewhat confusing note.

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