Child: untitled tape (Life Like, 2014)

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Child: untitled tape

Child: untitled tape

This was a super-secret limited-to-20-copies tape that Child created for his performance at Far House a couple days ago. The entirety of his performance was the first track on this tape, a 2-minute eerie synth-drone-sample-plus-delay piece called “What The Sermon Said”. After that piece blusters and fizzles out, a trippy, fuzzy, fun synth-arpeggio song called “Drug-Free Youth” starts, and continues for the remainder of the side. “Glass Box (Version)” takes up the entire B-side, and it’s a much darker, more distorted thing, getting noisier and more horror-summoning as it progresses, especially with the presence of a creepy melody that sneaks into for the final few minutes.

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