Broken Bone: Willowbrook 12″ EP (Aperture, 2014)

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Broken Bone: Willowbrook 12" EP

Broken Bone: Willowbrook 12″ EP

This mini-album came out a few months ago and fell through the cracks, but it deserves to be heard. It’s on Andrea Parker’s label which so far has mostly been known for releasing Autechre-remixed IDM extremists Oberman Knocks, as well as a collaboration between Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Mira Calix, and a Daphne Oram rework album. The duo behind this project have been part of several electro and industrial projects, and here they combine to create something harsh, distorted and skullcrushing. The 6 long tracks combine claustrophobic textures, spine-cracking beats, and copious amounts of feedback. “Blood On Your Hands” features 909-sounding slow beats distorted to the point of exaggeration, and swaths of ominous-sounding synths. “A Home For Phthisis” is a tension-filled noisy electro track, and “Raw” is a slow, shuddering gaze into the face of death. Opener “Building 6” and closer “The Echoes They Left Behind” both feature Raster-Noton-esque sine-wave blips, as well as submerged spoken word samples, which sound on the brink of expiration on “Echoes” (especially with those coughing sounds in the second half). Apparently this is just half of a full-length to be released digitally, which is sure to be overwhelming.


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