Dream Police: Hypnotized (Sacred Bones, 2014)

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Dream Police: Hypnotized

Dream Police: Hypnotized

The Men used to be a hardcore band, but now they’ve morphed into some sort of alt-country/Northern soul-influenced college-rock band. This side project shows that they’ve actually been making music even further removed from their roots. This project explores synths and drum machines, and repetitive motorik rhythms. “My Mama’s Dead” is like a 21st century update on “Hey Joe” in which the titular character becomes a woman. “Iris” is kind of a space-country ballad, as if “Planet Caravan” was written around a campfire in the desert. “Pouring Rain” is an uptempo steady drum machine driven new wave song. “All We Are” is a slower song with some wavey MBV guitar as well as acoustic guitar. “John” is kind of a bluesy stomp with organ and sliding guitar. “Let It Be” is even more of a new wave/Krautrock synthesis, with another steady drum machine beat, Neu!-like synths, and more layered guitar melodies. “Sandy” begins with tolling bells and some sort of squeezebox drone, and then turns into something approximating a droney English folk ballad, with a calm male/female vocal duet. I have to be honest and say that The Men only really caught my interest with one or two songs from one of their earlier albums and the directions they’ve gone in since haven’t really grabbed me. But this is another band entirely with several other different sounds, so I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning that it’s a side project because it can be enjoyed on its own terms.

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