Lejsovka & Freund: Mold On Canvas LP (Bark And Hiss, 2014)

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Lejsovka & Freund: Mold On Canvas LP

Lejsovka & Freund: Mold On Canvas LP

Trouble Books are no more, but from their ashes rise this “DIY shitty classical” project. The deconstructed sheet music staff lines on the cover perfectly describe the music, as it sounds like pianos and bowed string instruments transformed and glitched out with computer technology. The traditional instruments may be approached in an amateur way, but they’re explored with enthusiasm. The all-necessary glitches and digital effects they’re bathed in create unique sounds that wouldn’t have been created using traditional means. “From Royal Ave” is the highlight, building layers of gorgeous strings, and then adding some digital debris on top and glitching everything out at the end. “Tangram Cat” is shorter and leaves the piano sounds relatively unscathed, except for some ethereal glowing at the end. But then there’s more pieces like “Moonshadow Bath Song”, which take more heartwarming layers of strings playing lovely melodies, and then just fries them in swarming distortion, and ends with some spare piano notes floating over the decaying sea of digital wreckage. The album ends with a 10-minute journey called “Ah Shit, My Heart Is Full”, building layers of minimalist piano, strings and woodwinds, adding synth arpeggios and digital voices, swirling everything around with effects, and then stripping it down to gentle piano.


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