ODESZA: In Return (Counter, 2014)

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ODESZA: In Return

ODESZA: In Return

ODESZA’s rise to popularity has been lightning-fast, already signing to Ninja Tune-affiliated label Counter after releasing several free self-released EPs and an album since 2012. They’ve been constantly touring since then (and they’re coming to the Blind Pig on 10/8!), and at this point they’re selling out shows in advance. This album refines their glossy, chopped-vocal chillwave sound into something more high-res and poppy, with more than half the tracks featuring guest vocalists. This results in some fun poppy songs (“Say My Name”, with a chorus joyously declaring “I wanna dance with you!”, and appropriately dancey music), but I feel like their sound says enough without lyrics. There’s enough sampled vocals in their music already that it still sounds coherent and communicates something, and even if the vocals are chopped up beyond the constraints of words, they still are catchy enough to stick in your head. The tracks without proper vocals seem kind of short, you kind of wish they’d go on longer, but if they did they’d probably just be repeating themselves, so really they’re fine the way they are. But even on the songs with proper vocals and lyrics, the vocal samples are used as an extra instrument, used to accentuate specific moments of ecstasy (as on “Echoes”). They draw from a variety of exotic-sounding influences too, with tracks like “Sundara”, “Kusanagi”, and “Koto” having Eastern-sounding instruments and vocal samples complementing their titles, and thumb pianos (among other acoustic instruments) showing up in tracks like “It’s Only”. Overall my favorite track would have to be “Koto”, with its no-nonsense tough distorted beat, crystalline melodies and glitched vocal samples. Extended bliss-out closer “For Us” is another highlight, though, with another chilled yet adrenaline-rushing beat, and an extended cool-down period for the last couple minutes. When vocalist Briana Marela sings “it feels like it’s perfect”, it pretty much does.

Show #256 – 9/13/14

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Hour 1
3:00 AM CAN ~ Vitamin C ~ Ege Bamyasi ~ Spoon/Mute
3:04 AM Sonogram ~ Equivocals ~ LED Melodies ~ Simulacra
3:08 AM Simian Mobile Disco ~ Jam Side Up ~ Whorl ~ Anti-
3:13 AM Christopher Willits ~ Clear ~ Opening ~ Ghostly International
3:19 AM Slow Magic ~ Closer ~ How To Run Away ~ Downtown
3:25 AM ODESZA ~ Koto ~ In Return ~ Counter
3:29 AM Noah Creshevsky ~ What If ~ Rounded With A Sleep ~ Pogus Productions
3:32 AM Charlatan ~ Double Blind Host ~ Local Agent ~ Umor Rex
3:35 AM :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project ~ North Of North (Broadcast Mix 2) ~ .wav ~ Soundcloud
3:38 AM Sparkling Wide Pressure ~ I Do Not Have Words ~ split tape w/ Madrugapha ~ Salvador Records
3:42 AM BLACKHOoDS ~ Green Canyons ~ mp3 ~ Bandcamp
3:50 AM Evy Jane ~ Worry Heart ~ Closer EP ~ Ninja Tune
3:54 AM De Leon ~ side B track 3 ~ tape ~ Aught
Hour 2
4:00 AM Jerry Hunt ~ Chimanzzi: Drape: Link 1993 [Derivative Extraction: (Birome: Zone): Plane: (Fixture)] ~ Haramnd Plane: Three Translation Links ~ Pogus Productions
4:06 AM Damian Catera ~ Vivaldi Concerto In G Minor Pop ~ Baroque Treasures ~ Praxis Classics
4:11 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₁::check ~ 0ºC ~ Touch
4:11 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₂::cacoepy ~ Touch
4:12 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₃::circuit ~ Touch
4:12 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₄::contexture ~ 0ºC ~ Touch
4:14 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₅::cuts ~ 0ºC ~ Touch
4:15 AM Ryoji Ikeda ~ C₆::counterpoint ~ 0ºC ~ Touch
4:18 AM Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler ~ Untitled II ~ Zahn – Polizei ~ Placenta Recordings
4:31 AM Lawrence English ~ Another Body ~ Wilderness Of Mirrors ~ Room40
4:38 AM Pjusk ~ Glott ~ Solstøv ~ 12k
4:44 AM Girma Yifrashewa ~ Elilta ~ Love & Peace ~ Unseen Worlds
4:51 AM Joel Andrews ~ Seraphic Borealis ~ I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990
Hour 3
5:03 AM If, Bwana/Trio Scordatura ~ Ringing (Ano)the(r) Bell ~ E (And Sometimes Why) ~ Pogus Productions
5:10 AM Taylor Deupree ~ Field (Beta) ~ Lost & Compiled ~ 12k
5:18 AM M.B. ~ Seventeen Minutes And Fifty Seconds ~ An Hour With… ~ Placenta Recordings
5:37 AM Jorge Antunes ~ Mixolydia ~ In Defense Of The Machine ~ Pogus Productions
5:48 AM Philip Corner ~ Piece For String Instrument #5 ~ Pieces From The Past ~ Pogus Productions
5:51 AM Frances White ~ In The Library Of Dreams ~ In The Library Of Dreams ~ Pogus Productions

Crush Collision 9/11/14

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Hour 1
10:03 PM Rival Consoles ~ Helios
10:06 PM Simian Mobile Disco ~ Calyx
10:10 PM Soul Of Hex ~ Lip Reading (Larry Heard Midnight Mix)
10:16 PM Esteban Adame ~ The Grind
10:22 PM Aphex Twin ~ minipops 67 [120.2]
10:26 PM Kidkanevil ~ Inakunaru
10:29 PM Moiré ~ Mr Figure
10:33 PM Telegraphy ~ How Are You Today
10:38 PM Via App ~ Ace
10:41 PM My Panda Shall Fly & Maulin ~ Gingerbread House (5 a.m. Minimal Dub)
10:44 PM Snuff Crew ~ Berlin
10:50 PM Hal Floyd ~ All Ventures Overboard
10:54 PM Mr. Flash ~ Midnight Blue (Jon Convex Remix)
10:58 PM Perc ~ Tri-City
Hour 2
11:02 PM Timoka ~ Borogoves
11:06 PM Kasper Bjørke ~ Grit
11:11 PM Permanent Heartbreak ~ Sorry Not Sorry (Raíz Remix)
11:15 PM dynArec ~ Safe Scouting Guide
11:19 PM Prism House ~ Drift (Thug Entrancer Remix)
11:22 PM Hagan ~ 1991
11:25 PM Ikonika ~ You Won’t Find It Here (VIP)
11:28 PM Marcelus ~ Red Dance
11:33 PM Sinden Presents The Crystal System ~ Got Me Moving (Moiré Remix)
11:36 PM Synthek & Audiolouis ~ Headroom
11:41 PM Jeremiah R ~ Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
11:43 PM Somepoe ~ Woodstate (Blood Vibes Remix)
11:46 PM Mike G ~ Blackjack (Korma Pulse Mix)
11:51 PM Driftmachine ~ To Nowhere Pt. 2
11:55 PM Strategy ~ Osmosis

Slow Magic: How To Run Away (Downtown Records, 2014)

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Slow Magic: How To Run Away

Slow Magic: How To Run Away

Anonymous masked producer Slow Magic stole the show when he opened for Gold Panda’s tour last year, and he’s embarking on a headlining tour now (and playing the Blind Pig on 10/1!). His recordings simply do not prepare you for his illuminating, thundering live presence, which involves electric voodoo masks, huge drums, and audience interaction. But taken as they are, his albums are enjoyable slices of post-chillwave bliss, with sunny melodies, chopped vocal samples (few actual lyrics, and usually they’re just the title repeated, as on “Let U Go” and “On Yr Side”), and electro-funk synths (especially on “Youth Group”), with a few somewhat trancey melodies thrown in (“Waited 4 U”). There’s moments where tracks seem downtempo and melancholy, but then switch to an uptempo dancey beat (as on “Bear Dance”). The album’s 6-minute final track is appropriately called “Closer”, and pulls out all the stops, with trap-influenced beats and ecstatic cut-up vocal samples, building to the album’s emotional climax, breaking it down, and then doing it again.

Damian Catera: Baroque Treasures (Praxis Classics, 2014)

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Damian Catera: Baroque Treasures

Damian Catera: Baroque Treasures

I’m not sure if Damian Catera is still a professor at Rutgers, but he was when I went there, and I saw him play a free concert that WRSU was presenting (in which Drop The Lime was booked but never showed up), and he played a noise set during the day to a small but oddly captivated audience. Catera was in a group called ConDemek in the ’80s and early ’90s, which released an LP on RRRecords in 1988, and he also collaborated with KK Null and released several albums on the Harsh House label. Since 2006, however, he’s been exploring deconstructions of baroque music, releasing an entire album of algorithmic variations on Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier in 2011. This release finds him tackling Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti and Albinoni. His take on Handel’s Water Music starts near-silently, slowly fading in with sliced-and-diced recognizable fragments of the melody, and ending up with a warm drone, with more pieces of the melody flaring up. “Vivaldi Concerto In G Minor Pop” starts with a disconcerting violin drone loop, then switches through several levels of time-folded-over manipulations of violins. “Albinoni Adagio For Strings & Organ” renders those instruments unrecognizable; there’s glitched-out classical guitar and insect-like buzzing, all being transformed and warped inside some sort of forcefield. “Scarlatti Sonata In D Minor” is 9 minutes of classical guitars tumbling and falling backwards and somehow upwwards throughout eternity, ending up a mountain of unspooled, rewound tape. “Vivaldi Concerto In G Minor” expands on the concept of the previous 5-minute “Pop” version, for 20 minutes of mind-melting string transformations, at turns drastic, dramatic, and bordering on noisy. Available at Bandcamp.

Show #255 – 9/6/14

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Hour 1
3:00 AM Harmonia ~ Watussi ~ Musik Von Harmonia ~ Lilith
3:05 AM Conrad Schnitzler ~ Krautrock ~ Rot ~ Bureau B
3:25 AM Roedelius ~ Goldregen ~ Wenn Der Südwind Weht ~ Bureau B
3:27 AM Roedelius ~ Auf Leisen Sohlen ~ Wenn Der Südwind Weht ~ Bureau B
3:32 AM Don Slepian ~ Awakening (excerpt) ~ I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990 ~ Light In The Attic
3:37 AM S U R V I V E ~ Omniverse ~ MNQ026 ~ Mannequin
3:42 AM Autechre ~ Pen Expers ~ Confield ~ Warp
3:49 AM Suitor ~ Gradient ~ Corndogs002 ~ Sly Fox Records
3:54 AM The Siege ~ Way Down Low ~ Conditions ~ We Are All Machines
Hour 2
4:02 AM Brian Chase ~ Melody Drum Drone ~ Drums & Drones ~ Pogus Productions
4:05 AM Longmont Potion Castle ~ Clown Motel ~ 9 ~ D.U. Records
4:10 AM Monogamy ~ track 19 ~ Anaconda 2 ~ cd-r
4:12 AM Failed Flowers ~ When You Said I Love You ~ Demo 2014 ~ tape
4:14 AM Circuit Breaker ~ Grey Materials ~ 12″ EP ~ Tombed Visions
4:19 AM Half Japanese ~ We Are Sure ~ Overjoyed ~ Joyful Noise
4:22 AM Cellular Chaos ~ Wrecquiem ~ Cellular Chaos ~ ugEXPLODE
4:24 AM Naomi Punk ~ California Truth ~ Television Man ~ Captured Tracks
4:25 AM Minus9 ~ Bloodbath ~ Drown ~ Flying Blood
4:27 AM The Cramps ~ Garbageman ~ Bad Music For Bad People ~ I.R.S.
4:31 AM Taylor Deupree ~ Live In Osaka ~ Lost & Compiled ~ 12k
4:38 AM Music Blues ~ It’s Not Going To Get Better ~ Things Haven’t Gone Well ~ Thrill Jockey
4:43 AM Botanist ~ Erythronium ~ VI: Flora ~ The Flenser
4:45 AM Coachwhips ~ UFO, Please Take Her Home ~ Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine ~ Castle Face
4:49 AM Ty Segall ~ The Clock ~ Manipulator ~ Drag City
4:51 AM Bill Baird ~ Skull Castle Decorator ~ Diamond Eyepatch ~ Moon Glyph
4:54 AM The Garment District ~ Soon We See Green ~ If You Take Your Magic Slow ~ Night People
4:58 AM Lawrence English ~ Wilderness Of Mirrors ~ Wilderness Of Mirrors ~ Room40
Hour 3
5:01 AM Quttinirpaaq ~ Malvert ~ The Wire Tapper 35 ~ The Wire
5:04 AM Land Observations ~ The Brenner Pass ~ The Grand Tour ~ Mute
5:09 AM Brian Eno/Karl Hyde ~ Moulded Life ~ High Life ~ Warp
5:14 AM Lia Ices ~ Creature ~ Ices ~ Jagjaguwar
5:18 AM Saturday’s Cab Ride Home ~ White Stone New Name ~ When We Were All There ~ self-released
5:21 AM God Help The Girl ~ Musician, Please Take Heed ~ God Help The Girl soundtrack ~ Milan
5:25 AM Mirel Wagner ~ What Love Looks Like ~ When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day ~ Sub Pop
5:29 AM If, Bwana ~ Toys For Al ~ Red One ~ Pogus Productions
5:37 AM Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band ~ Lai Sing ~ Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band ~ Innovative Leisure
5:41 AM The Bug ~ Fat Mac ~ Angels & Devils ~ Ninja Tune
5:45 AM Mndsgn ~ Txt (MSGS) ~ Yawn Zen ~ Stones Throw
5:47 AM FaltyDL ~ Grief ~ In The Wild ~ Ninja Tune
5:50 AM Moiré ~ No Gravity ~ Shelter ~ Werkdiscs
5:56 AM Pjusk ~ Falmet ~ Solstøv ~ 12k

Evy Jane: Closer EP 12″ (Ninja Tune, 2014)

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Evy Jane: Closer EP 12"

Evy Jane: Closer EP 12″

I missed Evy Jane when they performed at SXSW last year, and then again when they played NXNE this year, but I was excited to see that they’d signed to Ninja Tune, because maybe soon they’d have more than just 2 songs out (those 2 songs being the equally stunning double A-side “Sayso” and “Ohso” from 2012). Now their debut 12″ for Ninja Tune is finally out and, well… The title track is nice enough, a really woozy bummer R&B ballad, but it still kind of feels like it’s walking in place rather than actually going somewhere. “Nothing So Great” mostly consists of slow vocals, and soft synth, with a trip-hop beat trudging in only during the last minute of the song. Very much a slow burn, but it just doesn’t really excite me that much. “Sosoft” is more minimal R&B, with sparsely used bass and cascading vocals, which is intriguing, but it still ends up feeling like half a song. “Worry Heart” introduces a dub riddim to the band’s sound, suggesting an interesting direction the band might take on their album, and is much more of a proper song. I’m still excited for their album, but this EP feels like a work in progress or B-sides, when their first single had 2 arresting songs right out of the gate.

Kidkanevil: My Little Ghost (flau/Project: Mooncircle, 2014)

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Kidkanevil: My Little Ghost

Kidkanevil: My Little Ghost

Kidkanevil has several albums of abstract, experimental hip-hop on various British and European labels, but for this album he aligns himself with Japanese label flau for something veering a little closer to playful, melodic IDM. Tracks like “Earth To G San” waste no time finding bright, shiny melodies and gloopy, skittery beats, and the sounds of excited children. “Inakunaru” has an intricate, uptempo rhythm and childlike Japanese vocals, with a bit more of anthemic but not quite danceable feel. flau mainstays Cuushe and Cokiyu guest on a few tracks, one each and one featuring both of them together; Cuushe adds ethereal vocals to “Butterfly/Satellite”, Cokiyu’s “Tomie” is a short music box-like instrumental, and then “All Is Not Lost” stretches out past 7 minutes, with more music box-like chiming, hard, crunchy, static-y beats, and more samples of children’s laughter. Bonus track “Tales Of Moonlight And Rain” features samples from Lullatone, and has their familiar digital raindrop melodies along with video game bleeps and micro-thumping beats. The whole album is as charming as anything you’d expect to hear from flau.

The Garment District: If You Take Your Magic Slow LP (Night People, 2014)

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The Garment District: If You Take Your Magic Slow LP

The Garment District: If You Take Your Magic Slow LP

Jennifer Baron was in at least two prolific ’90s/’00s indie bands: The Ladybug Transistor (who were affiliated with Elephant 6 and signed to Merge Records) and Saturnine (who I vaguely remember as being more folky and were on labels much smaller than Merge). The Garment District is her newest project and has released a tape on Night People and a 7″ on La Station Radar, and now this LP. Listening to this album, it wouldn’t surprise you to know that it came from an E6 alumni, but it goes in a lot of other directions than her previous bands. There’s retro poppy melodies, vintage keyboards, and some psychedelic aspects, but also some synth-heavy instrumentals that push it more into electronic territory, but they still sound home-recorded and lo-fi. Watch out for the false ending on opener “Secondhand Sunburn”. “Weird Birds and Strange Days” is kind of a drowsy psych instrumental, then “Bell Book and Candle” returns to vocals, with kind a post Pet Sounds/High Llamas sunny day lilt. “Cavendish on Whist” is a curious synth instrumental with some crashy beats and gnome-like pianos and synths. “Miraculous Metal” is a bedroom-disco/space-rock synth/guitar instrumental, which could fit alongside plenty of Bliss Out-era Darla bands (I’m thinking Füxa especially). “Soon We See Green” is another easygoing lo-fi Pet Sounds-y track, and “Song For Remy Charlip” is another curious, somewhat baroque synth instrumental, with flute and harpsichord synth patches and more expansive, washy tones towards the end. “June’s End” gets a bit more uptempo, and seems to change a few times, but not jarringly so; a nice little prog-pop instrumental. “Velvie Woolvine” is a drifty, sunny instrumental with bird sounds (seagulls?) squawking away. “Jonquil Place” ends the album on a jaunty note with another organ-heavy instrumental, which fades out nonchalantly.

v/a: Corndogs #2 12″ (Sly Fox Records, 2014)

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v/a: Corndogs #2 12"

v/a: Corndogs #2 12″

Newest white-label comp from Detroit’s mysterious Sly Fox Records, who released an excellent Appian/Segv split 12″ in 2012, a clear lathe cut Corndogs #1 12″ last year (which I haven’t heard), and now this one. The Appian track that opens this 12″ is just simply sublime crystalline Detroit house, rich in melody and inventively programmed, only settling into a solid 4/4 thump for the last minute or two of the track. Gerald Norton’s track is a sly garage-house shuffler with repeating vocals pleading to “tell Peter Parker that he ain’t got what I got.” Segv’s track adds tons of crazy echo to some basic, repetitive piano chords, yet it manages to stay clear of the usual dub-techno cliches. The disc ends with a track from newcomer Suitor, a murky, mysterious techno track with cryptic synth patterns and clicky hi-hats. Solid release from a quality-over-quantity Detroit label.

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