Evy Jane: Closer EP 12″ (Ninja Tune, 2014)

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Evy Jane: Closer EP 12"

Evy Jane: Closer EP 12″

I missed Evy Jane when they performed at SXSW last year, and then again when they played NXNE this year, but I was excited to see that they’d signed to Ninja Tune, because maybe soon they’d have more than just 2 songs out (those 2 songs being the equally stunning double A-side “Sayso” and “Ohso” from 2012). Now their debut 12″ for Ninja Tune is finally out and, well… The title track is nice enough, a really woozy bummer R&B ballad, but it still kind of feels like it’s walking in place rather than actually going somewhere. “Nothing So Great” mostly consists of slow vocals, and soft synth, with a trip-hop beat trudging in only during the last minute of the song. Very much a slow burn, but it just doesn’t really excite me that much. “Sosoft” is more minimal R&B, with sparsely used bass and cascading vocals, which is intriguing, but it still ends up feeling like half a song. “Worry Heart” introduces a dub riddim to the band’s sound, suggesting an interesting direction the band might take on their album, and is much more of a proper song. I’m still excited for their album, but this EP feels like a work in progress or B-sides, when their first single had 2 arresting songs right out of the gate.

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