Taylor Deupree: Lost & Compiled (12k, 2014)

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Taylor Deupree: Lost & Compiled

Taylor Deupree: Lost & Compiled

Taylor Deupree has been ceaselessly active since the early ’90s, releasing dozens of albums and singles under many different projects, running the 12k label, mastering hundreds of recordings by other artists, and being a noted graphic designer. It’s inevitable that his prolific work schedule results in plenty of material that never gets released on an album, so this collection compiles alternate versions, sketches, and live material. The pieces on here generally consist of warm digital ambient drone, sometimes with soft guitar plucking (“July 032013”, “Sketch For February”), fuzzy digital flare-ups (“Field (Beta)”), and even foggy vocals (the end of “Journal (Rough)”). As with most of his recent material, this barely resembles the more overtly techno recordings he made his name releasing in the ’90s, but “Sea Last (06.05.08)” has some sporadic, incidental pulses that feel like beats. 2 consecutive tracks have “Sleep” in the title, and while “Sleepover (Alt)” sounds like it’s nuzzled in a do-not-disturb slumber, “So Sleepy” sounds a little bit more restless and insomniac. An odds-and-ends collection to be sure, but the differences between the tracks aren’t jarring enough that it doesn’t seem like a cohesive, soothing listen.

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