Souls Of Mischief: There Is Only Now (Linear Labs, 2014)

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Souls Of Mischief: There Is Only Now

Souls Of Mischief: There Is Only Now

Souls Of Mischief will probably always be best known for the title track to their classic debut 93 Til Infinity. Their newest album has a similar timeless-yet-bound-to-the-mid-’90s feel; even though it’s called There Is Only Now, the now in question is 1994, which is when the album takes place. It’s structured like a radio broadcast, featuring frequent radio drops/IDs from A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammed, but it has a blaxploitation-like story line. Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes make appearances, but their contributions are much closer to their early-career incarnations than their more pop-oriented material. Busta Rhymes’ “Womack’s Lament” in particular is a frantic, cartoonishly violent caper, very reminiscent of the exaggerated-but-not-horrorcore-overkill violence of SOM’s debut, or even De La Soul Is Dead. Adrian Younge (who produced the latest Delfonics album) produced this album, and the music is entirely live instrumentation, no samples or programmed beats. The songs have tight, jazzy, funky instrumentation and are far more concerned with creating a narrative than coming up with easily hummable pop hooks. A creative album that’s highly enjoyable whether or not you’re familiar with this group and their legacy.

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