v/a: Life Blood tape (Life Like, 2014)

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v/a: Life Blood tape

v/a: Life Blood tape

Life Like released its first compilation Lifers 2 years ago, and now its sequel is finally here. This one is a little shorter and less experimental, a bit more pop-focused, but still in an abstract way. It starts with a brief instrumental jam by the prolific Hydropark (which is already up to 4 tapes, all untitled), and then new songs from Ian Svenonius’ Chain & The Gang, E6-y indie-pop group Household Objects, and of course Saturday Looks Good To Me. Then there’s a few great tracks by some new names: really nice atmospheric electro-pop by Creme Betweens; dubby, High Places-like dreaminess from Babydown; dark, reverby folk from Itasca. Then there’s a brief, devastating track by dream-folk duo Raw Honey, who deserve to be much more well known. Then there’s a brief sample-and-beat blip by someone credited as Loop Goat, and then a more rocking track by Glass Clue, who I initially confused with Glass Rock and was wondering why it sounded more grungy and had a male singer. Then more cello-and-guitar dreaming from Known Moons (who is 1/2 of Raw Honey), and hard-jamming organ-driven noise-psych-rock from Mother Whale which suddenly cuts off mid-thought. Side B starts off with a brief, twinkly loop from Shigeto (who has a tape coming out on Life Like one of these days), and then a strummy song fro, Rebel Kind, who put out a 1-sided LP on Life Like last year. Then there’s an edited-for-immediate-direct-impact track from Scared To Death, a doom-metal/post-rock group who are sort of one of the secret weapons of the Ann Arbor music scene. Their album on Arbco is seriously amazing and deserves to be more widely known. Then there’s Wolf Eyes, who need no introduction, and some noisy free-rock from Anonymous Touch, and then local garage-rock heroes Tyvek end the tape. Limited to 100 copies and still available direct from Life Like.


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