FaltyDL: In The Wild (Ninja Tune, 2014)

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FaltyDL: In The Wild

FaltyDL: In The Wild

Prolific NYC-based producer FaltyDL is already on his second Ninja Tune album, following last year’s Hardcourage. That album was his most accessible release to date, providing an easily danceable (and sometimes loungeable) distillation of his take on current bass-heavy dance music. This sprawling 17-track effort is a lot more abstract, and while it isn’t quite as crazy as his early breakcore releases, it’s closer to his older releases on Planet Mu such as the Bravery EP. There’s plenty of shorter, ambient interlude tracks, and a lot of the proper songs seem to have their minds fixated somewhere other than the dancefloor. The album’s title suggests jungle/wildlife imagery, and there’s a lot of tracks with hand drums and shaking and rattling sounds, some approximating tambourines like you’d hear in a jungle (as in drum’n’bass) track, and others are more in an exotica sense. No tracks have full vocals the way his last album’s single “She Sleeps” did, but there’s chopped, sampled vocals on a bunch of the tracks. “Do Me” is the first track with a solid danceable beat, and the way it kicks in after about 2 minutes, it might as well be saying “doomy”. “Nine” basically sounds like the intro to a jungle/d’n’b record gets stuck, and then he just builds a beat around it and goes from there. “Frontin” chops up a voice saying “frontin’ on some bullshit”, approximating a slower, more uneasy, less in-your-face juke track. “Untitled 12” is a 4 minute ambient track in which you keep expecting a beat to drop, but it never does, and then “Ahead The Ship Sleeps” is a slow, jazzy downtempo-house track. “Dos Gardenias” build up delicate guitar samples and sinister synths and echoes, then a surprising beat erupts 2 minutes in. “Heart & Soul” flirts with abrasive breakbeats and fluttery vocals, not quite arriving on full-on junglism, but tantalizing nonetheless. Watch for the way it breaks down into a slower tempo during the last minute. “Grief” works its way through another broken-down rhythm, but eventually seems to just give up. “In The Shit” is a quizzical, mad-scientist track with deep bass tones, pizzicato strings, spiralling synths, and more submerged jungle breaks. “Danger” is the street corner where future garage and ’90s jungle meet, with choppy (but not overdriven) breaks, mellow synths and a constant voice proclaiming “danger!” “Some Jazz Shit” is the album’s longest track at 6 minutes, and the best 4/4 dance track, and even it’s a bit of a slow burner with a slightly relaxed tempo.


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