Various Artists: Yearbook Detroit 2014 LP (ZZZ Tapes, 2014)

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Various Artists: Yearbook Detroit 2014 LP

Various Artists: Yearbook Detroit 2014 LP

Haven’t heard too much about Detroit-based ZZZ Tapes, but they put on a house show last month and everyone who paid the $10 admission got a copy of this LP. I heard someone say Fred Thomas mixed and mastered it, and it sounds great, especially considering how lo-fi most of the source material is. The first side is mostly in the indie/freak-folk ballpark, but it ends with a pretty fantastic trippy guitar/chiming-synth track by Space Indigo. Side B starts with some harder-edged bands, with The Wire Eyes sounding like Zola Jesus fronting a moody post-punk band. Then there’s wiry, zippy punk-pop from Reverend (who I thought were slower and sludgier when I saw them, unless I’m thinking of someone else, or this song just sounds different than what they played live), moshcore from S.N.A.F.U., and a pretty crazy, loose, thrashy cover of “I Want You/She’s So Heavy” by a band simply known as Touch. The rest of the disc is all electronic acts, with Jaws That Bite providing some hyperactive juke, and then a mindblowing track called “Skitchin'” from chiptune/noise/uncategorizable artist Barbeque. GGMAH’s track is steeped in echo and sludge, and then Airjob’s track is a wobbly, splashy moonwalk.


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