Thought Broadcast: Votive Zero LP (Editions Mego, 2014

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Thought Broadcast: Votive Zero LP

Thought Broadcast: Votive Zero LP

Thought Broadcast’s Emergency Stairway was a huge surprise to me, and easily one of my favorite albums of 2012. It had such a paranoid, brittle sound that really made you feel like someone was reaching inside your head and reading your thoughts, especially with all the completely incomprehensible muttered vocals. Now the follow-up has arrived, and it’s still incredibly lo-fi and paranoid, but it feels like the scope has been widened a little bit. It feels like there’s a little bit more attention paid to the beats, rather than the monotonous clanking of the previous album. There’s more of a noticeable dub influence, especially on the tumbling, flanged, echoing beats of “Forged Body”. It feels like he’s crawled out of the sewer and is now merely in some dark, dank alley. Both versions of “Runaway Signal” end up sounding like a soundclash between a jackhammer drill and a cement mixer. Overall, a really good album, but I feel like his previous one was just so much more unhinged and volatile. This one seems like he has more control of the broadcast, and somehow it loses a little of its effect by being more focused.


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