Pursuit Grooves: Modern Day Minerals tape (What Rules, 2014)

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Pursuit Grooves: Modern Day Minerals tape

Pursuit Grooves: Modern Day Minerals tape

The newest Pursuit Grooves album has been available on Bandcamp for a few months now, but I found a copy of the cassette at June Records when I visited Toronto for NXNE, and I couldn’t be happier. This tape shows the now-Toronto-based producer doing what she does best, with unconventional beats and rhythms, mysterious dialogue samples, and soothing synth tones. A few tracks flirt with guitar-like sounds and harder-edged beats, but not in an overwhelmingly hard way. “Carbon Elements” rides skipping beats over swerving bass, sounding like it’s suspended in air, high above the ground, but still with a consistent rhythm. “Traces Of” has a dubby echo riddim and sublime organ, and a voice popping up that says “that doesn’t change a thing.” “Gem” closes the album with a more straightforward drum machine sound, rather than the found-sound rhythmic patterns that most of the tracks are constructed from, and voice that simply intones “beautiful”, which is all that really needs to be said. So good. Also worth mentioning (also on the same label, and also which I found at June Records) is SlowPitch’s Dimly Lit Existence tape, which features a Pursuit Grooves vocal cameo, and is a different take on abstract downtempo rhythms, with dusty scratching, cinematic pacing and more mysterious dialogue samples, with an offbeat pop song (“Robotic Rain Cells”) thrown in for good measure.


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