Bubblegum Octopus: Critters tape (Moth Life, 2014)

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Bubblegum Octopus: Critters tape

Bubblegum Octopus: Critters tape

I probably should’ve posted this before, but everything on the Bubblegum Octopus Bandcamp is set to “name your price” for another day or so, so if you’re interested, you can grab a bunch of awesome releases for free. Critters is the first physical BGO release in a while, and his first tape (as far as I know), and it looks like it’s still available. It’s only 10 tracks and 20-something minutes, but it’s pretty packed with ideas and spazzy tempos and blippy melodies. Opener “Gems In The Dirt” takes its time to build, eventually settling on craggy splittering beats and high-pitched vocals. “Critters” starts with detuned Seinfeld bass slaps, then quickly descends into digital thrashing and growled vocals. A few tracks have hard-trance atmospherics, and others have choppy, obliterating drums and chiptune textures. “You Asperse Me” is surprisingly more straightforward grindcore than usual for the project. All awesome stuff, nobody really blends sweet, menacing and spazzy/unpredictable like BGO.


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