Venetian Snares: My Love Is A Bulldozer (Planet Mu, 2014)

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Venetian Snares: My Love Is A Bulldozer

Venetian Snares: My Love Is A Bulldozer

10 years ago it seemed like Snares had a new record out every other week, but as of late he’s been quiet enough that this is his first proper album in 4 years, not counting side projects Last Step, Speed Dealer Moms and Poemss, and a few EPs. This album brings together many of the hallmarks of his sound; orchestral strings, rave synths, spastic breakcore beats, jazzy drums and vocal samples, and an increased use of his own crooning vocals. This is easily one of his most personal albums to date. “1000 Years” darts between sublime feather-floating and furious screaming mayhem, with lyrics about twisted scientists, punching dragons and tearing evil wizards in half. “Your Smiling Face” is a spare trip-hop love song, with Snares repeatedly exclaiming “Girl, I was born to kiss your smiling face”, followed by an excited “WOOOOOOO!!!” “My Love is A Bulldozer” is another tall-tale fantasy love song, featuring some of the most detailed, lopsided beat programming he’s done yet, and taking it to further levels of ridiculousness by repeatedly crooning “only you can make my dick feel like this”. The album’s second half is less vocal-driven (other than the dirge “Too Far Across”), but still is chock-full of pulverized beats and intricate melodies, and a classical guitar instrumental called “8am Union Station”. The album ends with the bombastic brass/string finale of “Your Blanket”. All I can say is that I can’t tell you how much I need this album in my life right now.

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