Throwing Snow: Mosaic (Houndstooth, 2014)

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Throwing Snow: Mosaic

Throwing Snow: Mosaic

First LP from UK-based dubtep/future garage producer. Mostly vocal-based downtempo electronic tracks with intricate production, definitely recommended for fans of most of Ninja Tune’s recent output. “Avarice” has strings and buzzing bass, and a solid steady beat. “The Tempest” starts out with a cool spiralling loop pattern, unconventional beat patterns, ringing guitars and enchanting female vocals. “Hypnotise” has Bjorkian vocals and a more galloping beat. “Linguis” is a cool instrumental with gamelan-like percussion and more buzzing bass. “As You Fall” is a futuristic dubstep ballad, with strings, more clinking, crashing beats, and more buzzing bass. “Pathfinder” has glitchy, obtuse string samples, and more of a thumping beat than most of the other tracks, but even that dissolves and mutates throughout the track. “The Void” is a strong downtempo neo-soul song with a solid minimal beat and synths, and an intense attack of harder synths during the bridge. “Maera” ups the intensity with swirling drum’n’bass breaks, and “All The Lights” is even more overtly d’n’b-inspired, with rapidfire beats, bubbing synths, and strong but not overbearing or overused soul vocals. “Draugr” is where the album gets more drawn out and hazy, riding on simmering synths before some more distorted percussion comes in at the end. “Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)” is a 2-part buzzing, clicking dance instrumental, which seems to get a little slower and less amped-up during its second half. The whole album is pretty great, there’s a lot of exceptional tracks on here, it’s definitely an accessible, slightly poppy album that has plenty of creativity and soul to it.


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