Tobacco: Ultima II Massage (Ghostly International, 2014)

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Tobacco: Ultima II Massage

Tobacco: Ultima II Massage

3rd solo LP from the leader of Black Moth Super Rainbow. Grimier and sleazier than his main band, but with the same type of woozy psych-electro-pop sound, vocodered vocals, and lots of decaying tape hiss. No high-profile guests this time around, just Tobacco being his evil self. In typical Tobacco fashion, the most unexpectedly pretty track here ends up being the one called “Creaming For Beginners”. The first half of the album has more vocal-based sleazy cock-rock jams (just check the opening track’s vocodered growl “ride, motherfucker, ride”, as well as the occasional glam-metal vocal punctuations), and the second half is more like bad-trip Boards Of Canada. The CD version puts the final track (a “bonus beat”) at track 99, separated by digital silence lasting from track 17 through 98. In this way, this album seems to thrive on and exploit technological imperfections, from the extra-track CD gag to the grainy cassette-like sound quality and extended dropouts in the music. I don’t have the vinyl, but I’d almost expect there to be locked grooves cut randomly in the middle of songs, so that every copy was a skipping record.


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