Plaid: Reachy Prints (Warp, 2014)

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Plaid: Reachy Prints

Plaid: Reachy Prints

10th full-length from IDM duo Plaid, who have been at it for 25 years now. This album doesn’t really deviate from their signature sound, but it sort of streamlines it; there’s only 9 songs here and the album’s 40 minutes go by pretty quickly. The duo’s signature intricate melodies and erratic but not overblown beat production are still intact here, and there’s a few danceable moments. “Oh” opens the album with a partially acoustic number, featuring vocals, autoharp and mandolin. The next 2 songs sort of merrily skip along, but “Nafovanny” has a vibrating bassline which is a slight bit sinister. “Slam” has a bit of a Kompakt minimal shuffle beat. “Wallet” has clear melodies and glitchy beats, maybe the most BoC-esque song here. “Matin Lunaire” has a simple synth-pop melody and straightforward beats. “Tether” has kind of a festive melody and minimal but lively beats. “Ropen” has slower, more spaced out beats, also a little bit BoC-ish. “Liverpool St” is really fruity and twinkly, with chiming bells, tooting flutes, sugary strings, and clappy, tambourine-shaking beats.

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