v/a: Bleep: 10 (Bleep, 2014)

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v/a: Bleep: 10

v/a: Bleep: 10

10 years ago, Warp Records launched Bleep.com, an online retailer functioning as a well-curated underground electronic music version of iTunes. This compilation (released on CD, vinyl and digital formats) features unreleased tracks by plenty of big names whose music can be found on the site. A few Warp mainstays appear (unreleased Autechre is always cause for excitement), but the album reaches to many corners of the IDM and techno underground. Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project resurfaces with another beginningless, endless ambient techno cloud, with plenty of strings attached. Lone and Machinedrum both offer pastel, choppy-breakbeat rave flashbacks. The OPN track is typically lovely, but short, and honestly kind of a throwaway. Modeselektor cheekily titled their track “I’m Not Into Twerk, I’m Into KrafTwerk”, but more than anything it sounds like a tribute to LFO and “Spastik”-era Plastikman. Untold, Shackleton, Byetone and Nathan Fake all do various forms of scuffed, distorted, bass-heavy techno, with Nathan Fake’s track being the most widescreen epic and melodic. Fuck Buttons conjure up a hazy ghost of slowed-down jungle, and sneaks in some “My Sharona” guitar chord at the end. Ann Arbor’s own Tadd Mullinix brings back his Dabrye project for 2 minutes of instrumental glitch-hop. Nosaj Thing shows up in his more reflective, less hip-hop mood. Probably the most surprising track is µ-Ziq’s “Hedges”, a surprisingly legit instrumental grime track, probably written around the time he was releasing Virus Syndicate albums and dubstep 12″s on Planet Mu. Lots of gems to dig into on this compilation.


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