Lidless Dogs: tape (Life Like, 2013)

May 4, 2014 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Lidless Dogs: tape

Lidless Dogs: tape

This is Jargon Scott. You guy’s don’t know what you’re missing. I got hot… Lidless… Dooogs.

Damned Dogs + Lidless Eye collaborated on a session, apparently Kuma Tapes and Green Records And Tapes have released different recordings of the same sessions, but this is the only one I’ve found. It starts out sounding like the tape is unraveling in my tape deck, then it suddenly straightens out and organs start droning. It definitely feels like everyone’s in a different corner of the room, it all blends together but there’s definitely pronounced room placement of the different instruments. The flutes/woodwinds are clearly in one part of the speakers, and the noisy synth parts are in another. Crashing drums are underneath everything, it sounds like barrels being bashed on the beach during high tide. The second side sounds so lonely and solitary, with bird-like synths chirping overhead, and clear, shining sun drone. The second part gets a little rougher and shiftier, with noisy bass pulses and growing feedback and tension. It gets pretty turbulent, but ends up shining and beautiful, before starting to get all warped and unravelly, just like how the other side begins. I could totally be wrong about which side is which. The Life Like Soundcloud has audio samples, plus the Green Records mix, but they sound a little different than the tape, but probably because it’s a tape and these are MP3s:


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  1. knox from lidless eye here…would like to send you a copy of the second version of this tape that i’ve just completed. please write me with your address at
    many thanks to you.

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