Lassigue Bendthaus: Matter LP + 7″ (Parade Amoureuse, 1991/reissued Dark Entries, 2014)

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Lassigue Bendthaus: Matter LP + 7"

Lassigue Bendthaus: Matter LP + 7″

Dark Entries vinyl reissue of the first album from Uwe Schmidt’s early-’90s electro-industrial project, which was a far cry from his later work as Atom Heart, Senor Coconut, and close to a hundred other names. Even close to 25 years ago, he still had such an acute mastery of technology, there’s definitely the building blocks for the later hyper-glitchy sound he’d become known for, but instead of fusing it with Latin music, gospel, or classic rock, this is clearly identifiable as coldwave electro-industrial, with distorted monotone vocals and all. The rhythms here change on a dime, this is hard music to DJ or dance to. Even the more ambient tracks like “Transitory” don’t stick to one sound, and change pretty unexpectedly. The first 4 tracks are all over 6 minutes and get pretty sprawling, but everything after than is under 5 minutes, and maybe a bit more accessible. “Mortal Immortal” is maybe the most straightforward track here, with a stomping beat and circuit-bent Speak’N’Spell vocals, which also feature on the slower, trippier following track, “Rotation Mécanique”. “Velocity Life” sounds like Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator” hobbling with a fractured leg, and more Depeche Mode-like vocals. This LP issue contains a bonus 7″, featuring a remix by Pink Elln (Tobias Freund of NSI) and an incredible downtempo track called “Relate”, which sounds way more chillout than you’d expect from industrial music of that era.

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