Kangding Ray: Solens Arc (Raster-Noton, 2014)

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Kangding Ray: Solens Arc

Kangding Ray: Solens Arc

4th album on Raster-Noton from producer David Letellier. His tracks verge from rough-edged techno to dark industrialisms, providing minimal knocking beats as well as stark atmospheres. Opener “Serendipity March” slowly trudges for a few minutes before a thumping 4/4 kicks in. Two short interludes called “The River” bookend “Evento”, probably the most progressive techno track on the album. But then there’s the glorious void-stare that is “Blank Empire”, a vibrating coil of a track which segues gracefully into the distorted ambient wash of “L’envoi”. “Amber Decay” follow, a dark stomping techno track with a sticky beat which sounds like there’s some (virtual) gum stuck to the kick drum, and features a goth melody along with corroded, spiraling textures. These take over for the ambient “Apogee”, then this tumbles into the downtempo, dubby “History of Obscurity”. The hazy cosmos melody of “Crystal” leads into the fizzing, stumbling “Transitional Ballistics”, and the album ends with “Son”, which pushes a decayed ember of a melody through a light beat pattern which shows up two minutes into the track, before expiring altogether.

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