Mark E: Product Of Industry (Spectral Sound, 2014)

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Mark E: Product Of Industry

Mark E: Product Of Industry

Second album from UK DJ/producer who made his name doing disco edits, and on this album is doing minimal tech-house with analog synths. Mostly steady midtempo tracks, slowly building over long time periods (all but 2 tracks are between 5 and 10 minutes). Vocals come into play subtly, with the cafe conversations bookending “Kultra Kafe” and “Myth of Tomorrow”, and the Matthew Dear-like grunting during “Smoke”. “Being Hiding” is the only track with full vocals, and even those seem pretty sparse, not verse/chorus song structure. As for personal favorites, “Persia” worms its way into your brain starting with looped skipping textures, then building up some rising horn sounds. “Eganix” is a slow, trippy, staccato take on the classic Kompakt minimal sound. “Leaving Osaka” updates ’80s synth-pop (think “West End Girls”-era Pet Shop Boys) for the minimal house dancefloor, with plenty of jazzy keyboard solos.

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