Fennesz: Bécs (Editions Mego, 2014)

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Fennesz: Bécs

Fennesz: Bécs

Fennesz returns to (Editions) Mego for Bécs (pronounced “baeetch”), the thematic sequel to his last album on that label, 2001’s masterpiece Endless Summer. So expect plenty of loopy, distorted melodic guitar on this one, as well as all manners of glitch and processing. There’s also a few tracks with drums (“Static Kings”, “Liminality”) and some modular synth. This will indeed be familiar territory for anyone who’s a fan of Endless Summer (the guitar lines seem like variations on those from the older album), but it’s not unwelcome at all. The distortion seems darker and more sinister than previous albums (especially on “The Liar”), so it’s not quite a full return to a carefree, happy summer vibe. In fact, some of the melodies (especially on the epic “Liminality”) are quite sad. The highlight would have to be the title track, which covers a sickly sweet melody in ungodly amounts of blackened distortion, conjuring up images of eating the best candy you’ve ever tasted, and then having your teeth rot and decay, causing you to swear off sweets forever. “Sav” begins with a bit of a muted, crush rhythm, before zoning out to a searing, slightly hallucinatory desert landscape. “Paroles” ends the album with more shining, glowing guitar, with bursts of sizzling distortion.


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